By Dan Luehrs



In 1996 I had a vision of a preacher being set on fire. I saw him preaching in a service and he was like a walking matchstick, like in the TV commercial for Match Light Charcoal. This match had arms and legs with just its head on fire. Then suddenly, the whole matchstick, along with the head, became a flame of fire! Not just a little fire, but like fire that comes out of jet fighter when it takes off. I said to the Lord, "What was that all about?" He gave me Hebrews 1:7, "I am making My ministers a flame of fire!"

The Lord confirmed this vision to me through Rick Joyner’s book, The Call. In the book he speaks about how the Lord showed him that these messengers of fire are about ready to be released into the Church to bring repentance so that we will be prepared for His glory.

For about ten years now, the Lord has been pouring fresh oil of the Holy Ghost on His Church and He is about to set it on fire to burn for Him. We will not have to announce this fire. People will just come to watch us burn! This will be the baptism of fire that we have been waiting for. Jesus promised us that we would be baptized with fire, and our Father is the fire that will now consume us! He will burn the wood and hay out of our lives. Those who are purified will do the greater works of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was baptized with fire at His baptism and His apostles were set on fire at Pentecost. Now it’s our turn. HALLELUJAH! There is something coming even greater than what they had, I tell you, what I see coming is Isaiah 60:1. "Arise, shine: your light has come. And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you." I get excited about this because these are the greatest days to be alive. The words "rises upon you," means, (to "shoot forth as beams of light, as the Sun!)" Only life can give forth life; death cannot bring forth life. When the lights are turned, on all darkness must flee. As we go forth with His glory, great healings and deliverances shall take place and nothing shall be able to stand against Him. Now is the time when His glory is going to be revealed in the earth through His people to a dying world. "And nations will come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising" (Isaiah 60:3).