Lincoln Hound Society

Mission Statement & Rules of Conduct


The Lincoln Hound Society (LHS), a group of conscientious dog owners, support Family Oriented, Neighborhood-Based, Free-Roam Dog Exercise areas in San Jose and surrounding areas.

The LHS promotes the idea of city sanctioned dog parks and off-leash exercise areas for responsible dog owners through civic and community education using conscientious pet ownership-by-example, with outreach to other community groups.

The LHS goals, among others, include:
o Support of sanctioned Free-Roam dog activities for responsible dog owners
o Cooperation with local civic agencies (Park and Recreation, and Animal Care Services)
o Education of pet owners for responsible ownership
o Pet and child relationship safety education
o Dog obedience and companionship training
o Neighborhood involvement through outreach and support of the community
o Support of pets in need

Please Join Us in Our Efforts.

Members agree to the following:

  • Owners take FULL responsibility for the actions of their dogs
  • Respect all student and community activity on fields, track or facilities - no interference
  • Dogs on general campus grounds must be leashed at all times.
  • Keep grounds clean at all times - clean up for any dog (hair trimmings, droppings, trash)
  • NO Alcohol, smoking or drugs allowed on any field, anytime.
  • Attend scheduled clean ups on school grounds TBA
  • Dogs are NOT ALLOWED on public sport fields at anytime. Only the designated Community Field may be used for dog activities (Use the designated gate to the field and take responsibility that ALL gates are properly closed)
  • NO human or animal harassment, aggression or biting by any dog is tolerated.
    • Two fight rule (two warnings -by anyone- and you must leave)
    • Aggressive dogs must remain leashed at all times
    • All dogs must be owner controlled (leash or voice command)
  • Use the Community Field only at school administration requested hours when school is in session or when there are other sanctioned activities in progress.
    • BEFORE 6:30am or
    • AFTER 5:30pm
  • Please note that although the Society makes every effort to maintain a safe field environment, as a co-operative,we are only guests. The Society may not be held liable for any injury or loss you experience on the Community Field or campus. Your presence on the Field signifies your agreement and acceptance of personal responsibility.
For your own safety and that of your children, please do not ride bicycles, skates or skateboards when on the Community Field.

Annual Dues of $10.00 per pet household to support LHS's on-going efforts to promote city sanctioned dog parks are requested. With paid membership, you will receive the useful, city animal control services recognized membership card that include the above rules. Contact Society Chair Bob Walker for details about these handy and useful cards!

Join us in our efforts on our Join Us page.

For our list of officers, please go to: Go to About LHS.

Questions or comments? Write to:

Have an immediate concern? A pet in need? Lost or found pet? Please email directly to Alert Notice.

San Jose Unified School District Security Office Asks for Society Help

The Security Department of the San Jose Unified School District has approached the Lincoln Hound Society and asked us to become the 'eyes and ears' in safe guarding the schools.

PLEASE stay alert to any and all suspicious activity on district school grounds. Please report anything IMMEDIATELY at:

1 (408) 278-6923 at ANY TIME, day/night/weekends/holidays- 24/7.

And DON'T Shy away from a SJUSD Security truck or officer. Go up to them and introduce yourself as a card carrying member of the Lincoln Hound Society. Explain about us, if they don't already know. They need us now and this is a prefect opportunity to prove that we mean what we say in our support of the school and in building a strong unified community!

Please write down the number and URL for SJUSD Security. 1 (408) 278-6923

Please help keep Lincoln High School Safe

Most Recent Animal Control Activity in Lincoln High School /Rosegarden Area:


ALERT! We are being watched by ACS, SJ Police, the Sherrifs Dept. and field neighbors.

GREEN Light indicates one week of free roaming time Yellow Light indicates recent activity.

Please REPORT any Animal Control Activity

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Write to the Society c/o:

Lincoln Hound Society
1217 Sierra Ave, San Jose, CA 95126

Donation and Dues May be also forwarded to this address.

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