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The LHS is a group of conscientious dog owners who promote responsible dog ownership, community involvement and the formation of city sanctioned Dog Parks in the City of San Jose and surrounding areas.

We support Family Oriented, Neighborhood-Based, Free-Roam Dog Exercise areas for responsible dog owners. We do this by example through conscientious pet ownership, outreach to other community groups and working with city and county officials.

Currently at 358 members and growing. We invite you to join us.


Got some spare time on your paws?
The Lincoln Hound Society
Please contact Co-Chair Bob Walker at (408) 244-2535
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Community Field (CF) ALERT
Enjoy a full free week of Community Field access! No Track & Field events 04/08-04/12

But, please be mindful of the Track & Field, Two to Three-Day Divisional wrapup the following week between Thursday, April 18th. - Saturday, the 20th.

Note: the Saturday schedule fills the entire day! and Friday the 19th MAY be included.

Please use your alternate exercise area on these days.

Have an Urgent Matter you need to report to the Lincoln Hound Society?
An Incident on the Community Field (CF)? Lost or Found a Dog? Gates Locked or Broken?

Go to REPORT IT HERE or to talk to someone

FOR URGENT ISSUES Please Call 408-859-3009 (Or 408-244-2535)

The LHS needs your help and enthusiasm.
Please contact us if you would like to volunteer with the LHS!

We Invite you to Join our Society

Read up on our rules for field use on our
Go to Mission Statement and Membership Rules Page.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our dog community safe.

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Prevent Canine Conflicts on the Community Field




Keep your Pal Happy and Healthy

LHS recommends reading the “Loving your well behaved dog” series from the Examiner.com DawgHugger. Learn tips from introducing your new dog to your home, to preparing and going to the dog park. You'll even learn how to avoid or stop dog fights, safely. Bookmark the series for frequent reference and updates. You'll be glad you did.

Go toDawgHugger's Conscientious Dog Companionship Series 

Go toDawgHugger's Pet Health Series

A limited number of"I Support Dog Parks" T-Shirts are still available as a thank you for a donation of $25.00 or more. Please contact Co-ChairGo to Ed Hodgesfor information on how to receive yours!

Donations gratefully accepted by mail at:

Lincoln Hound Society, 290 Wabash Ave, San Jose, CA 95128

go toSusahn's Pet Tips

Helpfuls Hints to keep our canine friends happy and safe.

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Send it to the Go to Lincoln Hound Society

Please forward all items to be posted on this site up to two weeks before the expected 'live' time. This site is being maintained by volunteer efforts only!

Donations may be forwarded to:

Lincoln Hound Society, 290 Wabash Ave, San Jose, CA 95128

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