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The Lincoln Hound Society is a group of conscientious dog owners who are seeking to promote responsible dog ownership, community involvement and the formation of city sanctified Dog Parks within the City of San Jose and surrounding areas.

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Photo and Name Owner Breed and Pet's Description


Bob Walker

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are elegant and lithe, capable of short bursts of high speed, as Lovejoy is fond of demonstrating. An ancient breed, originally used for flushing out birds and small game, but now relishes running in circles at Lincoln.

Rob Hugger Gordon Setter

Gordon Setters were breed to have a slendid nose, excellant bird sense and seldom make a false "set" on a bird's location. Slower and bigger boned than the English or Irish Setter who were bred to seek out prey, the Gordon's place is to stay next to the hunter and alert his master from his point of view. This trait is visiable in Heyden's 'stick to Rob' habits. The Gordon Setter was also the model for Walt Disney's "Goofy".


Rolayne Stortz

Icelandic Sheepdog

Icelandic Sheepdogs are a primative and rare breed originally brought to Iceland in the 10th century by the Vikings! Today there are fewer than 5000 in the world, and probably less than 300 in the US. Their main job is herding sheep, but they also work with the small Icelandic horses.Sindra's dad is a working dog in Germany, working primarily with Icelandic horses. Her mother is a house pet in the Netherlands. Sindra has earned her "Herding Capability Tested" title. She loves to go herding with KA-DY the Border Collie for fun. Imagine loving what you do for work!


Heather & Michael Harris

American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier is an "all-American" dog. In World War I an AmStaf named Stubby earned the rank of sergeant and was the most decorated dog of the war. The AmStaf Terrier is affectionate, reliable, and an especially good dog for children. As such, Fred is a happy, outgoing, stable, and confident dog who makes a wonderful family pet. Adaptable to country or city living, the only thing that will break his spirit and his heart is lack of his owner's fond attention ( we love him so much that there is no risk of this!)

Andy & Beth Strickland

Greyhound Mix

Bridget is a one year old "rescue" from Redding, CA. She is a very sensitive girl, and not overly active though she can give you a run for yourmoney when she feels like it. She is shy of unfamiliar people, but does well at the dog park. She is a happy girl at home where she rules the roost, sleeps where she likes, patrols for squirrel invaders and helps her dad finish his meals.

Andy & Beth Strickland

Catahoula Mix

Rio is a smart and alert Catahoula and possibly Great Dane mix. She is a talker and makes her opinions known, is friendly and outgoing. The gentle and observant side of her nature suggests the Great Dane streak, as do her very long legs. She has a very splashy "paint job" with her coat of many colors, so she could be any breed under the sun, but her nose definitely says "hound dog".

Rick Partridge and Jack Black

Golden Retriever

"Copper" is a six year old golden retriever from Livermore who we got in December 2005 from NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue ( It's hard to believe his family gave him up since he is so well trained, loves kids and plays well with all other dogs. He looks forward to play time in the evenings and weekends with all his "friends" at Hester field. He loves the beach (this pic is from Carmel dog beach), tennis balls, squirrels and cats and is a wonderful addition to our home.

Theo and Cindy Loevenich

Bernese Mountain Terrier (Mix)

Alfie is a 4 year young "Bernese Mountain Terrier" (at least he has the same colors as a Bernese Mountain Dog) Alfie is a very outspoken gentleman who is very focussed on his dad. In his free time Alfie likes to chase kitties and romp with his "little" sister Annie.

Theo and Cindy Loevenich

Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier (Mix)

Annie is a 3 year young Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier lookalike (we are not really sure what she is) But we are sure she is a good girl.

Annie likes to be always close to her "big" brother Alfie, sometimes she likes to push him around. She loves to play with old squeeky balls even if they don't squeek any more.. Annie is a very gentle soul and loves to run on the beach and go into the water

Phoebe and Jorday

Wes Weber

Phoebe (white dog) is a female Great Pyrenees,

5yrs old. She’s been with us for 3 years.Pyre’s are gentle mild mannered guard dogs . Loyal and affectionate, they are great family dogs. Phoebe came to us very shy but visits to the park at Lincoln HS has expanded her personality and has helped her become more outgoing.

Jorday (black dog) is a female lab mix, 11 years old.

Jordan was a rescue from the ASPCA in Santa Clara and has been with us for 10 1/2 years. She’s not so active anymore but has been a great loyal dog and companion for 3 of our Pyre’s over the years.

Adriana Farkouh Miniature Poodle mix

Isabel was a stray brought to the SJ Animal Shelter. I adopted her on March 4, 2010, after she'd been there for about 5 days. At that time she was 1 and 1/2 years old. She is a miniature poddle mix who is very friendly to all other dogs and humans (young and old) too. More than anything she loves to play chase with her friends at the LHS dog park. What she likes least is to be left at home alone.

Ken Morris Pit Bull / Lab mix

Chino is a friendly and social Pit/Lab. He is a couch-potato at home so I love to get him out to run and play with his friends.

Lori and Ron Abrahams Brittany Spaniel

Harley is our very enthusiastic Brittany Spaniel. She is 17 months old. Harley loves to run and when she is not running she likes to chew on her toys. One of her many talents is that she can peel the fur off a tennis ball and leave the ball completely in tact.

John Halseth

Lucy & Family
Janis & Mario Castro

Regina Espino

Regina Espino

Illia & Bernie Neizvestny

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