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Injustice in Michigan

In the face of overwhelming support from the people and Michigan legislators, Governor Jennifer Granholm, with a stroke of her pen, vetoed state legislation that would have effectively banned partial birth abortion in our state. Now you can use your pen to stop partial birth abortion.

Granholm vetoed the Legal Birth Definition Act (LBDA). This legislation defines legal birth at the point when any non-severed portion of the child is removed from the mother. Once a person is legally born, that person is afforded all of the rights of legal personhood, thus making partial birth abortion equivalent to murder.

This legislation was passed by such a resounding number of state Senators and Representatives that the legislation was only one vote in the Senate away from being veto proof. Right to Life of Michigan is initiating “The People’s Override,” also known as a citizens’ petition, to outlaw partial birth abortions in Michigan.

A citizens’ petition allows the registered voters of Michigan to provide legislation to the Michigan House and Senate. Once passed by the two bodies, the legislation cannot be vetoed by the governor.

In order to override Granholm's veto and protect children from this gruesome procedure, at least 254,206 valid signatures of registered Michigan voters will need to be collected within 180 days from the beginning of the petition drive (early January). To ensure that there are enough valid signatures, our goal is to collect 325,000 signatures. Collecting that many signatures is a monumental task and is rarely attempted.

The Legal Birth Definition Act is different from the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban that President Bush signed in November of 2003. Currently, partial birth abortions are still occurring in our country as the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban is not in effect and is tied up in the courts. While the federal legislation attempts to ban a specific abortion procedure, the LBDA attempts to define legal birth and the commencement of legal rights.


Please take a moment and sign our petition. For more information or to join us in circulating petitions, please e-mail us or call (616) 532-2300.


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