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Jane Roe Speaks Out

Abortion is not a difficult moral issue if you begin with Genesis.

Nor is it difficult to find the solution to abortion. The key is to turn the hearts of individuals back to the true history of life, found in Genesis.

The Creation magazine article The Baby-Killers identifies one staunch pro-abortionist who had a change of heart: Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade. Her conversion caused shockwaves in the pro-abortion movement.

McCovery now runs a ministry called Roe No More. In June 2003 she even dared to file a motion to re-open her case and overturn the 1973 ruling. Though her legal maneuver was unsuccessful, she continues working one-on-one to point individuals back to the truth that God established the sanctity of life in Genesis.

Commenting on the 1992 court decision to remove under God from the U.S. pledge of allegiance, McCorvey shows why it is so important for society to go back to Genesis:

In many ways, this day reminds me of another dark day in our history, namely, January 22, 1973, when in a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court decided that it was the constitutional right of women to abort their children in uteri. At the time, I believed that it was right but I did not know what I was doing . But by the power of God, by the power of His Word, I was able to free myself of the belief that we ourselves are gods, and that we alone can decide the fate of ourselves and our children. I am living proof that this is not true and will never be true.

If we allow decisions like Roe v. Wade and the recent San Francisco decision to go unnoticed, we too, will be responsible for the demise of America. I return to Scripture as a source of strength: in Genesis, He writes that God is the Creator of all things from conception until natural death. He also instructed us to go forth and multiply, to teach our children, and to glorify His name, for it is through Him that we have eternal life.

The message of Genesis is still quick and powerful (Hebrews 4:12). Like a mirror, the Word of God exposes the folly of following mans way and the wisdom of following God's way. One way leads to destruction, and the other leads to life. We are not gods, as the serpent told Eve, but the Creator is God, and His Word rules forever.

So the first priority of Christians, if they want to win the battle for the culture, is to restore confidence in God's Word, including its absolute authority and impeccable accuracy from the very first verse.

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