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At conception, sperm joined ovum to form a single cell which, miraculously, contained the genetic blueprint for every detail of your development  sex, hair and eye color, height, skin tone and more. Over the next week you traveled through your mothers fallopian tube to her uterus, implanting in the nutrient-rich lining. Within 22 days your heart was beating, and your spinal column, nervous system, kidneys, liver and digestive tract took shape. Within a few short weeks you were about 1/4 inch long; already ten thousand times larger than when you began!

Your brain tissue grew rapidly, and by 40 days brain waves could have been recorded. Your facial features were taking shape: ears, nose, lips, tongue and even tiny teeth. Near months end your skeleton changed from cartilage to bone, and you graduated to fetus, Latin for offspring or young one. Tiny though you were, forty muscle sets began their first exercises. By eight weeks all your body systems were present, and from then on the changes you experienced were mainly in size and refinement of body parts you already had .

In month three, you were two inches in length and weighed a grand total of one ounce. Your fingerprints  the same ones you see now  became evident. You slept, woke and exercised energetically  turning your head, curling your toes and opening and closing your mouth. Your fingernails and toenails formed and if your parents wanted help deciding what color to paint the nursery, they could have now identified you as a son or daughter. You breathed amniotic fluid to help strengthen your respiratory system, and your vocal cords were complete. At times, it might have appeared you were crying.

You hit a growth spurt in month four, reaching eight to ten inches and a half pound or more. Mom began to show and feel you move, and your heart was pumping up to 25 quarts of blood each day. Believe it or not, facial expressions similar to your parents were identifiable at this time. You also learned what may later have become a hard-to-break habit: sucking your thumb.

During month five you were very active. With all your moving and stretching, Mom may have wondered if you were training for the Olympics, particularly when she rested. By the end of this month, you would grown to 12 inches and weighed a whole pound, and had you been born at this time you may have survived.

 At six months, you were up to 14 inches long and a pound and a half in weight. You were covered by a white filmy layer calle(Latin for varnish) which protected your delicate skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid. Because your lungs were fairly well-developed you would have stood a good chance of survival if born at this time.

You had a dim look at your cozy surroundings when your eyelids opened during month seven. You could taste and touch, and you recognized your mother's voice. Strengthening muscles meant stronger and more frequent pokes at Mom's stomach. Throughout this last trimester you received antibodies from your mother via the placenta to help provide you immunity to diseases.

During your eighth month, your skin thickened with a layer of fat stored beneath for insulation and nourishment. You gained at least two pounds to double your weight, and Mom was probably uncomfortable awaiting your birthday.

By nine months, you could only turn from side to side because of very cramped quarters. You probably settled into a head-down position to prepare yourself for delivery, and changes in Mom's hormones signaled the onset of labor and birth.
During your first nine months, one cell grew to two hundred million cells, weighing six billion times more than at fertilization yet containing  in a bit greater detail  the same unique person who came into being at that first moment: a new and unrepeatable

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