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Money is the reason Abortion is protected

Abortion is all about money and death. Planned Parenthood has made huge profits in the past two years by killing millions of babies, all of whom God had called into this world.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) has just released its 2002-2003 Annual Report. The report shows that PPFA continues on its agenda of killing more babies – 227,375 in 2002, and making huge profits – $36.6 million last year. At a time when the total number of abortions is decreasing in the United States, PPFA did 6.7% more abortions last year and increased its profits by 300%.

In addition to its escalating abortion numbers, Planned Parenthood had a record income of $766.6 million and the money it received from the American taxpayer reached an all-time high of $254.4 million.

Some selected numbers from PPFA’s Annual Report are as follows:

PPFA income 2002-2003 2001-2002
Total $766.6 million $692.5 million
Clinic operation $288.2 million $254.8 million
Taxpayer money $254.4 million $240.9 million
Donations $228.1 million $190.9 million
Profit $36.6 million $12.2 million
PPFA Services 2002 2001
Surgical abortions 227,375 213,026
Emergency contraception 633,756 469,578
Prenatal care 15,860 15,618
Adoption referrals 1,963 1,951

Special thanks to the American Life League
Babies are gifts from God
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