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Majority of Americans are Pro-Life!

Since Roe vs. Wade became the law of the land 33 years ago there have been over 43 million abortions in the United States. This landmark decision made abortion legal for any reason and at almost any time during a woman’s pregnancy. This is an atrocity! Today, Americans have become more pro-life and do not support abortion on demand.

Poll after poll shows that the American people overwhelmingly support restrictions on abortion.

Abortion Polls

December 2003 - Zogby Survey Poll

Do you agree with the statement "Abortion destroys a human life and is manslaughter?"

Zogby Poll/O'Leary Report   December 15-17, 2003   N= 1200 adults nationwide

November 2003 - Gallup Youth Survey Poll

Is abortion morally wrong?


Gallup Poll.  August 2003.  N = U.S. Teens ages 13-17 randomly selected.

November 2003 - Gallup Youth Survey Poll

Should abortion be illegal in all circumstances, in certain circumstances or should it be legal in all circumstances?


Washington Post/ABC News Poll. October 9-13, 2003. N=1000 randomly selected individuals nationwide.

July 2003 - FOX NEWS

“On the Issue of abortion, would you say you are more pro-life or more pro-choice?”


“Do you believe that human life begins at conception, or once the baby may be able to survive outside the mother’s womb with medical assistance, or when the baby is actually born?”


If a violent physical attack on a pregnant woman leads to the death of her unborn child, do you think prosecutors should be able to charge the attacker with murder for killing the fetus?


Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll. July 15-16, 2003. N=900 registered voters nationwide.

July 2003 – ABC NEWS

“Do you think the late-term abortion procedure known as dilation and extraction, or partial-birth abortion, should be legal or illegal?”


ABC News Poll.  July 16-20, 2003. N=1,027 adults nationwide. Fieldwork by TNS Intersearch.


“Should a fetus have rights?  Do you believe life begins at conception, when an embryo is implanted in the woman’s uterus, when it can survive outside the womb or at birth?”


Newsweek Poll.  June, 2003.

JUNE 2003 – Center for the Advancement of Women

“Do you believe that abortion should be generally available to those that want it or that is should be allowed on in the cases of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is in danger or not at all.”


Princeton Survey Research Associates Poll Conducted for the Center for the Advancement of Women; June 2001-2003.  N= 3,330 women.

January 2003 – CNN/USA Today

“Do you think abortions should be legal under any circumstances, legal under most circumstances, legal under a few circumstances, or illegal in all circumstances.”


CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll..  Jan. 10-12, 2003.  N=1,002 adults nationwide.


“Which one of these comes closest to your view?  Abortion should be generally available to those who want it.  Abortion should be available, but under stricter limits than it is now, OR, Abortion should not be permitted.”


CBS News/New York Times Poll.  Jan. 19-21, 2003.  N=814 adults nationwide.

January 2003 – CNN/TIME

“Regardless of whether you think abortion should be allowed or not, do you personally believe having an abortion is wrong?”


“Some people say abortion is an act of murder, while other people disagree. What is your view – do you think abortion is an act of murder or don’t you feel that way?”


CNN/Time Poll conducted 1/15-16/03; surveyed 1,010 adults.

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