Michigan Christians for Life

Radio Chaplain
The Radio Chaplain Program began on June 3, 1989
 In the studio of WEXL-AM in Royal Oak,
Michigan and nine years later at WRDT-AM in
Detroit, Michigan.  In 1999 it went into Syndication,
free of charge, to Radio Stations in the USA, Canada
and Australia. The host is Chaplain Art Steven and Pro Life.
He was Ordained for the Gospel ministry with the AECC in 1989.
Through it all the small Christian program continued to talk
about Jesus, Salvation, the Bible and God's Gift of Life.

NOTE:  The Radio Chaplain Programs has helped many to meet Jesus Christ .

The Radio Chaplain is now part of Michigan Christians for Life !

Radio Chaplain Christian/Pro-Life
Radio Chaplain Podcast Pro-Life
Radio Chaplain Sermons

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