Environmental Education  12/13

     Sky Valley Education Center, Monroe SD. 17072 Tye St. Suite 118 Monroe, WA 98272 360-804 2700

General Information

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Nature is our classroom

We are offering two different programs . Click the link for information specific to that program

Nature Explorers is a 2 hour field class on Fridays for students 1st-4th grades.

The Environmental Science School is a  program with a mixture of classroom days and field days. 


Sky Valley Education Center also offers natural science courses in Mammals, insects, birds and plants.

The  objectives of our program are:
bullet  To be aware and appreciate nature and 
the natural systems of the Skykomish Watershed area.
bullet To acquire skills and knowledge of the tools of a naturalist/scientist.
bullet To look at nature through an artists eye.
bullet To provide service to the sky Valley community with service projects.
bullet To understand environmental issues from a variety of perspectives.
bullet To use traditional school subject skills to create a portfolio of class work