Families and Friends of Union Hill Cemetery is an Alabama non-profit corporation organized in 1988 for the purpose of the care and maintenance of Union Hill Cemetery. The cemetery is located in Birmingham, Alabama on Hollywood Boulevard and adjacent to U.S. Highway 280. This Guide to Union Hill Cemetery is provided as an aid in locating burials. It is not intended to be an exact plot of the cemetery. Graves which have monuments are shown in black and located approximately in the lots. Unmarked graves are shown in red and noted with the letter U inside a circle and located in the lots indicated by the old records of the cemetery. Their exact location in the lots is not known. Before the cemetery company was organized in 1900 the cemetery was an unorganized community burial ground and no records were kept. The only known burials from that time are those with monuments. There are some burials indicated by names in the records with no information about location. There is reason to believe there were a number of burials without any record. In 2005 it was voted not to sell any more lots but there may still be new burials of descendents of lot owners. Indexes are provided by name and by block and lot number. A map index shows the locations of the blocks and lots. Map index Name index Block and Lot index
Block 9 Block 10 Block 11 Block 12 Block 13
Block 14 Block 15 Block 16 Block 17 Block 18
Last updated June 4, 2016